7 Time Management Tips for Busy Managers 


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As a manager, you’re likely too familiar with being absolutely swamped all day with urgent matters that pop up and need immediate attention…but still ending the day realizing you didn’t work on anything of significant value. The key to productivity and getting results for all your effort is taking firm control of your time –… Read more »

How to Find Top Talent in Akron When Unemployment is at 4.3%



While it wasn’t that long ago that hiring managers were dealing with the “problem” of having an excessive amount of qualified (or even overqualified) candidates apply for their job postings, the job market has changed. The national unemployment rate has reached a 17-year low, and Akron’s unemployment rate is holding steady at approximately 4.3%, according… Read more »

6 Ways to Encourage Your Top Talent to Apply for Leadership Roles


If you want to create a solid team of your best workers, it helps to get your best into leadership roles. However, some may need encouragement to take that next step – they may not think they have the aptitude to do the job or may not even consider the possibility. So, if you can… Read more »

Improve Your Management Skills in 2017


As a manager, if you had to evaluate yourself, what could you improve or change? Where could you act more effectively with regard to your employees and your company overall? It helps if you examine your own skills every once in awhile; even the best managers want to see how they can do better. So now… Read more »

Sure, You’re a Boss … But Are You a Leader?


Think back on the best boss you ever had. Was that person someone whom you feared or respected? Did she inspire you to do work, or did you do it because you had to — she was “the boss”? How did others feel about him as a superior? Do you, as a boss, emulate that… Read more »

The Top 5 Pain Points in Performance Reviews (And How To Solve Them)


Most everyone dreads dealing with performance appraisals. Let’s be honest: performance reviews are a pain in the you-know-what. Employees don’t like them and HR aren’t fans either–45 percent of HR leaders didn’t think reviews were good gauges of a worker’s performance, compared to last year’s 39 percent, according to a poll by the Society of… Read more »