Get Your Resume Ready for 2019!



A new year means new chances and new opportunities – and if you want to get yourself ready for the job market, this is the perfect time to update your resume. So, how should you get your resume ready for 2019? Read below: Looks Do Mean Something Most resumes get anywhere from five to thirty… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Outdated Resume


PrideStaff Akron

Think carefully … when did you last update your resume? Or when did you first put it together? If you either can’t answer the questions or your response includes a date pre-Twitter, it may be time to make some changes.   Drop the objective; add a professional summary. You no longer need to explain why… Read more »

Writing a Resume for Skilled Trade Positions


As you put together your resume, remember for yourself that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” formula. In fact, it will look better for you if you tailor each resume to the particular company or industry you’re focusing on. While some of the basics will remain the same, bear in mind that for something such as a skilled… Read more »