Get Your Resume Ready for 2019!



A new year means new chances and new opportunities – and if you want to get yourself ready for the job market, this is the perfect time to update your resume. So, how should you get your resume ready for 2019? Read below: Looks Do Mean Something Most resumes get anywhere from five to thirty… Read more »

Make These Tweaks to Your Resume Before Pressing ‘Send’


Job Search

The expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” rings extremely true when it comes to resumes. And think of it this way; Which would you rather have: A gourmet burger carefully prepared and cooked to perfection, or a hastily put together, overcooked patty with a little ketchup and mustard thrown… Read more »

Tips for Listing Measurable Accomplishments to a Resume When You Don’t Think You Have Them


When creating a resume, it should look as complete as possible — while you don’t want to fill it up with too much or make it too wordy, you also don’t want to have large blank spaces because you simply don’t have the numbers to make it look complete. Everyone says that it helps to have concrete… Read more »